Membership Levels 


Membership is based on ownership at Waterfront Moama. 


The most exciting memberships will be offered to people who purchase a block of land at Waterfront Moama in its inaugural year.

Foundation Memberยนยนยน benefits include;

- Wavering of joining and annual fees*

- Platinum Members will only pay Gold level annual fees for the life of the foundation membership

- Gold members will only pay silver level annual fees for the life of the foundation membership

- Exclusive access to available amenities from the time the deposit is paid, so no waiting to start enjoying Club Waterfront.

- You will be able to upgrade membership level while available**

- Will receive a Club Waterfront Foundation Member Cap

- Will be invited to Foundation Member events such as a river cruise / BBQ on the Club Waterfront Picnic Boat

 Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership

 Gold Membership

Gold Membership

 Silver Membership

Silver Membership

 Bronze Membership

Bronze Membership


Booking Windows 

The booking window is how much time in advance of the date you want to use a benefit that you can book that benefit. This includes speedboat parking in the marina, picnic sites, horse agistment, tennis courts etc

Platinum Membership Booking Window       120 days in advance

Gold Membership Booking Window               60 days in advance           

Silver Membership Booking Window             30 days in advance           

Bronze Membership Booking Window          14 days in advance

Picnic Sites 

Platinum Membership Picnic Sites                 1 to 17, 34 to 48 and 81 to 90                      Total 42 Sites

Gold Membership Picnic Sites                        18 to 33, 49 to 52, and 91 to 100                Total 30 sites

Silver Membership Picnic Sites                       53 to 70                                                           Total 18 sites

Sites 71 to 80 are reserved for our planned Boatels on the River, a Motel room right on the water.


To find out about our joining fees and annual fees please contact our agents using the below form. 

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